The Leonard ECA Foundation
The William B. and Helen S. Leonard Foundation for the Endowment of Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA)

2017 Appeal for ECA by LECAF

Great News! Your contribution this year will be doubled!
A friend of ECA has initiated a $50,000 matching program for LECAF's 2017 Campaign. Each gift made during this year's campaign will be matched with an equal gift up to $50,000.
Also, new for 2017 is an option to give by text - see the Donation page for details.
Please Note: December 31st is a Sunday and tax sensitive donations should be completed or postmarked earlier this year.
The following three letters are in support of the 2017 ECA‎ Annual Appeal by LECAF from Pastor Mark Bates, Dr. Jim Johnson, and Robert K. Spees, MD.

Dear Friends of the Leonard ECA Foundation (LECAF), Village Seven Presbyterian Church (V7PC), and Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA),
Last May, our youngest daughter graduated from ECA and has now gone off to college. As a parent, I had some trepidation about sending her off, especially since she is at a large state school far away. Yet, I was confident that she was prepared both spiritually and academically for the challenges she would face. Academically, ECA gave her the training she needed to thrive in college. The same is true spiritually. Immediately, she got plugged in to a good campus ministry (Reformed University Fellowship) and a good church. Because of the foundation that she received at home, at church, and at ECA, she is able to integrate faith and life. Her training equipped her to face the challenges to her faith that come up on campus and in the classroom.
ECA helps parents and the church to educate children with a solid biblical worldview so that they are equipped to serve Jesus in whatever calling He puts on their lives. Because of this, I am pleased to ask for your help in sustaining this important work of our church by supporting the Leonard ECA Foundation. The help we provide assists the school educating students with a solid biblical worldview, maintaining relevant educational equipment, and most importantly, making sure that each family can receive this kind of education for their children if they feel it is the right fit for them.
As the senior pastor of Village Seven Presbyterian Church, I invite you to join with me in standing behind the efforts of LECAF as they seek to raise funds for the present and future stability of Evangelical Christian Academy. While these three entities (the church, the school and the foundation) are independent, they work together to educate the next generation of covenant children in the ways of the Lord through formal Christian education. Indeed, V7PC has ruling elders who are the leaders of each of these organizations.
Please consider an end-of-year gift to LECAF in the support of ECA. LECAF’s position as a foundation enables it to accept donations from a variety of sources, including trusts and stocks. Feel free to specify how you’d like your donation to be used – either immediately or well into the future.
Please join me in prayer for the ongoing success of ECA!
Mark Bates
Sr. Pastor
Village Seven Presbyterian Church

Dear Friends of Village Seven Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Christian Academy, and the Leonard ECA Foundation,
Upon initial inspection, one could say that Evangelical Christian Academy is just a school. However, ECA is a very specialized classical Christian school which is preparing its graduates to “pursue their purpose in Christ.” The classical elements of our educational process challenge students to understand Christ’s truth, reason in His truth, and become persuasive for biblical truth as applied to whatever discipline chosen by the student!
Only thirty years ago, almost half of American high school students were thought to have a Christian world and life view. Today, in most public and traditional Christian schools that percentage has plummeted to less than ten percent. Schools which teach and proclaim the Christ of the Bible increase the probability of a student staying with the faith by seven times the norm. ECA is a school where the acknowledgement of God is still very highly reverenced! We need more graduates in America holding fast to biblical theism!
The Leonard ECA Foundation was started about ten years ago with the notion of standing alongside ECA to help it continue to serve like-minded Christian families in preparing students to hold fast to the faith while being prepared for any God-honoring path! In that ten year span, many of the Christian schools in Colorado Springs have closed their doors, but by God’s grace, ECA continues to serve families and churches in our region.
LECAF’s current holdings are valued at about one-quarter of a million dollars. While those investments are yielding a profit, some of LECAF’s money directed to ECA for a variety of useful purposes. Here are some memorable disbursements:
  • LECAF has provided scholarship funds for families and students in need.
  • LECAF has aided ECA through short-term loans during challenging times.
  • LECAF has provided the ECA faculty with professional development opportunities.
  • LECAF has purchased essential capital equipment for ECA classrooms.
  • LECAF has recognized teachers for their commitment to Christian education.
Currently our government mandates certain behavior from educational institutions which accept their funds. ECA is blessed to be able to refuse those funds and operate the school solely through tuition, fees, grants, and donations from those who support ultimate parent-choice in schools that is currently free from overreach. Donations from LECAF enable the school to keep the cost of tuition at reasonable levels, while providing some of the highest quality education available in Colorado Springs, while glorifying God every step of the way!
I would like to thank Dr. Robert and Dr. Annelise Spees for their ongoing commitment to ECA through the work of LECAF. Their Board has been diligent to provide excellent support for the school. Finally, I would like to thank those of you who have donated and those who may join this effort for the first time through a gift this year.  Thank you all for your prayers and generosity!

Sincerely in Christ,
Jim Johnson, D.Min.,
ECA Superintendent

Dear V7PC members and ECA alumni and supporters,
Your time and effort…Are we worth it? Do the numbers add up? You are a LIFESAVER when you support ECA (Evangelical Christian Academy)
Psalm 90:12 So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.
“Our children will spend almost 16,000 hours in school from Kindergarten through 12th grade. During that same time frame, our children have the potential to be in church 676 hours if they attend one hour every week for 13 years…realize the impact that education has on a child. Our children are spending more time each day with their teachers when they are awake than with us as their parents. Jesus said in Luke 6:40 that “the student will become like the teacher.” Rev. Rick Calloway
For those families that choose a Christian education through ECA with homeschooling or traditional attendance, LECAF (the Leonard ECA Foundation) would like to help with scholarships and faculty support. Please help us with your donation today for the 2017 LECAF appeal for ECA.
Scholarships: Thanks to your generous contributions $168,000 has been returned to ECA in short term gifts and investment returns on the LECAF endowment. The majority of these funds have been used for scholarships. Please help us make an ECA education possible for more of our families with your contribution. Give to: Short Term - Eagle fund used this year. Long Term - Endowment Scholarship fund with investment returns for scholarships for years to come.
Faculty development and Excellence Awards: Thanks to your generous contributions and the generosity of the Wetlessen family, over $24,500 has been returned to the ECA faculty. These include Ezekiel Awards for Excellence in Christian Witness and Teaching and in grants for faculty training. Please help support our ECA faculty with your contribution to the ECA appeal.Give to: Short Term - Eagle Fund with designation Faculty Development. Long Term - Endowment Ezekiel Award Fund or Faculty Development Fund with investment returns for awards and grants for years to come.
Sharing the Gospel and the future: What a wonderful compliment the Apostle Paul gave to the Thessalonian church: I Thessalonians 1:8 For not only has the word of the Lord sounded forth from you in Macedonia and Achaia, but your faith in God has gone forth everywhere…
It would be wonderful if this were said of us. One way we can broadcast God’s word and faith in Christ is to support the work of ECA in training our youth from our families to live faithfully in the world today and tomorrow.
Please help us with your prayers and contribution to the 2017 LECAF appeal for ECA. Thank you in advance for your generous contribution and prayers for ECA.
As the Lord provides,
Robert K Spees, MD
President, Leonard ECA Foundation
Elder, V7PC