The Leonard ECA Foundation
The William B. and Helen S. Leonard Foundation for the Endowment of Evangelical Christian Academy (ECA)

2019 Appeal for ECA by LECAF

Dear friend of ECA,
With this letter it is our privilege to announce the 2019 Annual Appeal for ECA (Evangelical Christian Academy) by LECAF (Leonard ECA Foundation). We thank you for your past generous annual appeal contributions. With your help the Leonard ECA foundation has contributed over $270,000 over 10 years to Evangelical Christian Academy with an invested endowment that is even larger.
Our theme for the 2019 appeal is "Give the Gift of ECA."
This year there are three different appeal letters: to ECA families, to Village Seven Presbyterian Church families, and to previous donors to ECA through LECAF. You are receiving this letter as a previous donor to ECA through LECAF.
We want to let you know,
  1. ECA is growing in numbers of students,
  2. LECAF is growing in it's investment support of ECA, and
  3. Your contribution is strategic while we prepare for anticipated new students for ECA during 2020.
Earlier this year, a single mother requested admission for her child to ECA. She expressed concern with new changes of curriculum mandated in Colorado public and charter schools which started this year. She wanted her child to receive an excellent education with a Biblical worldview. She did not have the resources for the full tuition. With partial assistance of LECAF donors and LECAF investment return she was able to enroll her children at ECA this year. Without that assistance, she would not have been able to enroll. She later wrote in a letter of thanks:
“I’m so thankful to God for you. I’m so overjoyed and appreciate that you have given my child this opportunity. As a single mom, this means so much to me and my child. Thank you and may God bless you.”
We anticipate that as many as 50 other students from families with similar concerns will seek enrollment in 2020. The number of inquiries and school tours at ECA are increasing already. A new student will need on average $2000 dollars of assistance. We would like to raise at least $100,000 with this year’s annual appeal to help keep tuition affordable for new ECA families, and to help raise awareness of this needed ministry in Colorado Springs.
Matthew 7:11b states, "How much more will your Father who is in Heaven give good things to those who ask Him." As we "Give the Gift of ECA" we realize that your gift is also from the Lord. He enables each donor to work, produce, desire to give, and then contribute a gift for ECA through LECAF. Together, let’s ask the Lord to provide for ECA and these new students.
Your gift to ECA through LECAF can be made online at with Paypal or a credit card, or with the enclosed response card. Your gift changes students, families, the church, our community and the world by allowing students to learn of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the classical tradition, students are taught how to understand the truth, reason in the truth, and be persuasive in the truth while living their Christian life with passion now and in the future.
Thank you for considering once again a gift of any amount to ECA through LECAF. As in the past you can designate your gift for immediate needs, investment return, or a 50/50 split between immediate needs and investment return. Your gift may also include in kind donations and appreciated assets.
Sincerely, as the Lord provides,
Robert K. Spees, MD
Dr. Jim Johnson, D.Min
Evangelical Christian Academy